What are the Commonwealth Games?


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Countries that have hosted the Commonwealth Games

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A History of the Commonwealth Games

Here is a history of how the Commonwealth Games came to be. In this video I will cover what the Commonwealth Games are, how they began, what happened at some of previous Games and why are they different!

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Report Claims Commonwealth Games Can Provide More Than £1 Billion Economic Boost

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has published a report outlining that the event has provided an economic boost of between £800 million ($980 million/€897 million) and £1.2 billion ($1.4 billion/€1.3 billion) for recent host cities, as well as contributing social and environmental benefits.

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2022 Commonwealth Games are a Metaphor for the ‘Empire’

Call to rethink event which ‘exploits’ painful history

BIRMINGHAM’S 2022 Commonwealth Games are a “metaphor for empire” and a reminder of Britain’s “bloody past” claim campaigners.

One campaigner even called for it to be rebranded the ‘Plantation Games’ following the Black Lives Matter protests.

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Commonwealth Games: Can Africa Afford the Games ?

The Commonwealth Games Federation recently awarded the hosting of the 2022 Games to Durban, South Africa. This will be the first time the Games are hosted in the African continent. The paper looks into whether tangible benefits for hosting mega-events are less or more important than intangible benefits.

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Acting global, thinking local: ‘Liquid imperialism’ and the multiple meanings of the 1954 British Empire & Commonwealth Games

Challenging earlier scholarship that has suggested that the Commonwealth Games contributed unproblematically to imperial and commonwealth unity, this article explores the multiple, and conflicting, contemporary local meanings of the 1954 British Empire & Commonwealth Games held in Vancouver, Canada. In addition to emphasising the sporting and economic dimensions of the Games, the article introduces the concept of ‘liquid imperialism’ to highlight the complexity of Canada’s imperial connection in the post-war era.

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Commonwealth Game Posters

Posters from previous Commonwealth Games

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