1938 Empire Games Sydney

1938 Empire Games Sydney

The first poster I designed for the series The Name Game, titled Cape to Cairo, drew inspiration from two visually similar images. The first is this one, a promotional poster for the Commonwealth Games in Sydney, Australia in 1938, which shows a hurdler leaping across the Sydney harbour. The second is a famous cartoon showing mining magnate and politician Cecil John Rhodes straddling the African continent with a telegraph wire in his hands. The poster that resulted points directly at the swollen ambition and hubris that informed the British colonial project around the world.


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The Commonwealth Games: Searching for Relevancy, a Host and a Reason to Exist

Next year’s Games in Birmingham will likely be the last on such a grand scale and some changes to safeguard the event’s future smack of desperation.

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Acting global, thinking local: ‘Liquid imperialism’ and the multiple meanings of the 1954 British Empire & Commonwealth Games

Challenging earlier scholarship that has suggested that the Commonwealth Games contributed unproblematically to imperial and commonwealth unity, this article explores the multiple, and conflicting, contemporary local meanings of the 1954 British Empire & Commonwealth Games held in Vancouver, Canada. In addition to emphasising the sporting and economic dimensions of the Games, the article introduces the concept of ‘liquid imperialism’ to highlight the complexity of Canada’s imperial connection in the post-war era.

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